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Live Music Events Morecambe

We have many live music events in Morecambe for you to come along and enjoy! Nights can range from live band performances to karaoke nights where everyone can join in, hence there is no shortage of entertainment with our live music events.

Our venue is perfect for a good night out, we have been providing significant amounts of quality time with our regular live music alongside various sports action with BT & Sky on dozens of TVs.

 To keep things interesting, for our live music events in Morecambe there is always something different on offer on multiple evenings of the month.

Ranging from 80s nights to quality performances from the bands that will be sure to entertain you.

The recent renovation of the pub will impress anyone that had been in previously as well as newcomers. The atmosphere is always warm and alive especially on our live music event nights.

We are a great place to go to get your fix of sports and old fashioned fun, the way it’s meant to be.



 To get an idea of what to expect from our live music events Morecambe, we have a full schedule of what is on offer for each night of the month and plenty more will be added in the near future.

There is no shortage of great music and entertainment at The Exchange and that will be clear to see when you take a look at our timetable.

If you’re looking for a place to go on a particular night, be sure to regularly check what we’ve got on offer for the month and find live music events Morecambe that sound right for you.

Furthermore, alongside our live music events in Morecambe, we are dedicated to displaying football on our top notch TVs around the pub, meaning that you can come along regardless of what you like because there is bound to be something for you.

Also, we have a function room with a fully stocked bar that can be booked for many types of group events.


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