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Function Room Hire Morecambe

The Exchange provides function room hire in Morecambe, where you can book our dedicated function room for a range of group events. The ‘Foxtrot Suite’ has its own individual entrance which can be accessed from East Street.

At the top of the stairs, an entrance foyer leads to the function room, as well as the buffet room, the private rooftop terrace and the toilet facilities.

Our function room hire is useful for anyone looking to book a venue for an event, such as: birthday parties, baby showers, wedding anniversaries and many more. We can provide the function room for any of the usual group events and have facilities onhand to provide a suitable experience for your guests.

Our function room hire Morecambe can accommodate events up to a size of 100 people. We have a fully stocked bar for the function room, allowing your guests to find an adequate source of drinks appropriate for the situation.

Function room hire allows you to provide a solid place to look after your guests, ensuring they get access to what they would expect and a great time as well.

The function room is fully catered for with toilets available and quick access to the buffet room, if necessary. The range of events we can host is varied, and as a result, there are a variety of room hire options.

This can include catering and entrainment, should you require it. Therefore, whatever your needs may be, we will have the facilities to meet your requirements and will provide your guests a great experience.

For function room availability, you can check our events calendar to identify a suitable time for function room hire. Should you require the use of our function room, don’t hesitate to contact us for full details of the desired time slot or to arrange a viewing so you can see our facilities for yourself.

Foxtrot Suite

The ‘Foxtrot Suite’ function room has its own individual entrance which is accessed from East Street.
At the top of the stairs an entrance foyer leads not only into the function room itself but also to the buffet room, the private roof top terrace and the toilets.

The function room features a well stocked bar and with a variety of seating configurations is available for events of up to 100 persons.

We accommodate birthday parties from age 21 upwards, christenings, wedding receptions, baby showers, wedding anniversaries, retirements, wakes, training courses, meetings and conferences.

Due to the varied nature of events we host there are a whole range of room hire options. Including a range of catering and entertainment choices, if required.

Check function room availability on the events page calander. Pease contact us for full details or to arrange a viewing of the facilities.


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